My Interview with Bowlsey for KXOU

Bowlsey was supposed to play a show at my house to gear up for Norman Music Festival, but like the big shots they are they got booked at a show in Chicago and had to cancel. I graciously accepted a place on the guestlist for they April 1st show at Opolis as an apology gift. The show opened with an electronic set by local instrumental hip-hop artist Sardashhh, followed by another local favorite, low-fi band Cherry Death. I had brought my gear and was doing my best to capture the sound of the room without distracting from the show or killing the vibe. After lurking around most of the night I finally caught the eye of Justin, the self-proclaimed “white guy of Bowlsey” and we agreed to do a quick interview after their set.

Before starting, Justin and Shraz put their shoes in a pile at the front of the stage and took their positions. I learned later that this is necessary for playing organs with their size 13 feet.  The show was full of energy and attitude, like every other Bowlsey set I’ve seen. The two leads’ voices follow individual flows that interact and compliment each other in both sound and subject matter.

After the set, I got to speak with the band on the Opolis back patio as everyone finished their drinks and packed up for the night. The conversation spanned from the origin of their unique sound, to the future of the Oklahoma scene, to racism, to why you can’t bump ‘n grind to a song about saving the earth.


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