I’m Sarah Hurd, a multi-media content producer and organizer based out of Chicago, Illinois.

I specialize in political and progressive movement related media and messaging with an eye toward using grassroots momentum to create earned media opportunities.

Video Work

Rossana for 33 Video- Executive Produced campaign video for Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez 2019 Aldermanic Campaign

I worked as assistant to producer T.W. Li on shoots for the documentary Punch 9 for Harold Washington, regular tapings of the City Club of Chicago and for special projects with Northwestern Medical School and other local entities.

Audio Work

Primer Podcast- I produced this podcast with Jacobin labor beat reporter Alex Press about organizing efforts at Amazon:


The Vast Majority- I produced this podcast for Jacobin Deputy Editor Micah Uetricht



2,500 County Workers in and Around Chicago Are Currently on Strike– Interview with Cook County worker Ericka White

“Democratic Socialism Is the Only Way to Challenge the System We Have”– Interview with Byron Sigcho-Lopez

Christopher House Preschool: Bridging the Gap Between Home and School

The Hairpin Art Center Strives to Be a Hub for Community, Art, Activism

Lori Lightfoot: A Potential Mayor Out of a Logan Square Resident

Steady Cycle: Boulevard Bikes Celebrates 15 Years in Logan Square

Noise-pop band denies indie stereotypes

Public Statements/ Social Media

From April 2020 to June 2021 I managed both the Chicago DSA PR and social media teams. We used our outward facing accounts to release statements and advertise events.

Statement on Repression of George Floyd Protestors- 5/31/20

Statement on Derek Chauvin verdict

Statement on Crawford Power Plant Demolition

Statement on Columbus Statue Protest

Karen Lewis Remembrance

Lori Doesn’t CARES Campaign Posts

Mass Email

I sent out weekly emails to an 8,000+ member email list from April 2020 to June 2021

Chicago 4 All

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