Like most women, I have lost track of the little forms of sexual harassment I have experienced. It happens whether I take the train[1] or a Lyft[2]. It happens when I ride my bike[3]. It happens at my job[4] and when I'm out with friends[5]. It comes from men of every race and every age. … Continue reading #metoo


Sturdy Solid Firm Girl

"Is thatchor girl?" "Nope." Tanner says decisively, almost enthusiastically And I'm not. The first time we hung out after I arrived in the city, he told me he didn't think we should sleep together. I, both drunk at high at that point replied with an incredulous, "Ever?!" Then I pouted, and he put me in … Continue reading Sturdy Solid Firm Girl

How to make the most of your food service job:

1.) Use your employee meal to the fullest extent. Come in 10 minutes before your shift and get a scramble wrap with double eggs and broccoli and cheese and turkey bacon. Shove it into your face in a very unattractive way. 2.) Offer to take the leftover egg whites from breakfast. Eat them for lunch … Continue reading How to make the most of your food service job: