This is a collection of some of the work I’ve done in videography, editing, interviewing and documentary production.

I shot this short in Detroit during Summer 2016 with the help of my friends Ben Hill and Joseph Sardashti.

I interviewed Oklahoma City based indie band Horse Thief for the University of Oklahoma’s student radio station KXOU. The interview was simulcast on KKXOU and OUTV.

I also interviewed local musicians Askanse (Ben Hill) and Sardashhh (Joseph Sardashti) about Harpa, their collaboration with electronic musician Laine Bergeron. The interview also aired on OUTV and KXOU.

This is a short documentary I did on Ben Hill (one of the musicians featured above) in 2015. The sound quality was unfortunately distorted, but I am proud of the editing.

During Spring 2016 I often hosted performance nights at my house where local (and sometimes touring) performers played music and did poetry and improv. This is an attempt to capture the magic of those nights.

This short film attempts to capture the anxiety of waiting to hear back from a potential love interest. I wrote, directed, and edited it as well as did lighting and color correction.


I was the director and co-producer of this 2015 short documentary. I was in charge of equipment rental, scheduling, interview questions and talent direction as well as the driving force behind the tone and organization of the film.

This is one of my first films, from Fall of 2014. It was originally silent and I later did a re-edit to make it a music video.